Reversible open tiny ball hoop. Suitable for cartilage or 2nd, 3rd piercing. Wear our bestseller in many ways! Our hoops are adjustable to fit, squeeze it gently when it is worn on the ear for a snug fit! 


925 Sterling Silver. Nickel free. Suitable for sensitive skin. 

Quantity & Measurement 

A pair of Ball huggie earrings

Inner diameter: 7mm 

Outer diameter: 9mm 

Gauge 20 or 0.9mm

* Earrings for layering purposes only. 

Silver : 925 Sterling Silver.

Gold : 18 Karat gold over brass

RoseGold : 18 Karat rose gold over brass.

*Small size in the upper lobe piercing. The thickness of the lobe will also affect fit. Depending on the way you'd prefer them to fit, it may be necessary (while wearing) to slowly and gently press the tails of the hoops in toward your lobes until you achieve a snug fit.

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